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Audio Conversion and Mastering Services

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Audio Conversion and Mastering Services

Audio Conversion

Media Supply can convert audio in your old formats to CD Audio and MP3 files. We can currently support converting analog audio from cassette tape and vinyl. Your audio will be configured into a large single audio track, or for an extra fee we can drop in track breaks. This service comes with basic noise reduction, and will make any old home audio recording much clearer. We've converted old voice recording, audio from historical events and from old marketing campaigns. Call us at 800-944-4327 x120 or email us for more information.

Professional Mastering Services.

Not only will Media Supply make sure you're getting spectacular manufactured and packaged CDs, we can also make sure your audio quality is spectacular. Our in-house audio experts offer the following services to get your performance ready for commercial release:

  • Raising the overall level
  • Even out song levels
  • Improve disc cohesion by changing space between tracks
  • Remove noise between audio tracks
  • Add ISRC codes for digital distribution
Mastering Services
Number of Songs Total
1-3 songs $99.00 each
4-6 songs $399.00
7-12 songs $499.00
13-16 songs $599.00
17-20 songs $699.00
21+ songs Call for pricing!

We offer the audio mastering services you need to make your work sound its best, without charging you an arm and a leg (like the some of the other guys). Request a quote online or call us at 800-944-4237 x112 for more information or if you have any questions on our mastering service!

Formats We Accept for Professional Mastering

  • Audio CD
  • Data files (including wav, aiff, SDII & FLAC) on CD-R, DVD-R, USB flash drive, memory card or via FTP upload
  • Digital audio tape (DAT)
  • 1/4" analog tape
  • Please note that compressed file formats, like MP3, AAC or WMA files are not preferred sources for mastering.

Audio restoration services are also available. Please call 1-800-944-4237 x112 for more information.

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