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Lightscribe Blank CDs

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Blank Lightscribe CD-Rs

Sample Lightscribe Label
Blank Lightscribe CD-Rs are specially designed to work with optical drives that support Lightscribe labeling. Using these Lightscribe drives and discs, you can create custom, on-disc labels without using a separate printer. Simply burn your disc, flip it and label!

Advantages of Lightscribe:

  • Low cost of consumables - Unlike inkjet and thermal printers that require the purchase of ink cartridges or ribbons, with Lightscribe labeling, your only consumable is the disc itself.
  • Green technology - Since Lightscribe doesn't require ink cartridges or ribbons, it creates less waste.
While there are some disadvantages to Lightscribe labeling (it is a laser etching, so you cannot label in color, and more elaborate labels can take some time to etch), it is a cost-effective way to produce attractive, on-dics labels.

Questions about Lighscribe CD-Rs? Media Supply has answers. Call our experts at 1-800-944-4237 or email us.

Lightscribe Tutorials

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