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Microboards Lightscribe CD-R Quantity: 50

Burn Flip and Print with one laser and one drive!Click to Enlarge

Code: MIC15075
UPC: 678621010649
Our Price: $23.90

Lightscribe discs have been discontinued and are no longer available!
Contact Media Supply at 800-944-4237 for alternatives to
Lightscribe disc labeling.

Microboards has discontinued its line of Lightscribe products. Please contact Media Supply for information on other disc labeling solutions.

MediaSupply.com now offers FREE SHIPPING on all Microboards LightScribe DVDs & CDs for shipments to the Continental US!

Burn Flip and Print with one laser and one drive! Now Lightscribe Media from Microboards!

Lightscribe CD-R discs from Microboards are the perfect solution for LightScribe Printable CD-R users, combining the highest quality recording disc with LightScribe Printing. MediaSupply.com brings you these great products with great service and great pricing. When you've completed the recording of your data on the Microboards LightScribe CD-Rs you easily flip over the CD and place it in the recorder to print a unique image right on the disc's print (top) side.

Every disc is virtually error-free with remarkably low bler (Block Error) rates, jitter and zero wave distortion. What does this mean for you? It means you'll have low numbers of bad discs, you'll hear no pops or clicks in your audio discs and you'll be able to play your video DVDs in just about any player. No need to trade off print quality for recording quality with Microboard's LightScribe discs from MediaSupply.com.