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Microboards LightScribe CD Media

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Burn Flip and Print with one laser and one drive!
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Microboards Lightscribe CD-R Quantity: 50
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Burn Flip and Print with one laser and one drive!
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Microboards Lightscribe CD-R Quantity: 300
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Microboards has discontinued its line of Lightscribe products. Please contact Media Supply for information on other disc labeling solutions.

MediaSupply.com now offers FREE SHIPPING on all Microboards LightScribe CDs for shipments to the Continental US!

Burn, Flip, Burn/Print with LightScribe Blank CD Media from Microboards - Laser-etch unique Lightscribe CD labels using the same LightScribe-enabled recorder that burns your data

  • 300 per carton in 50 disc shrink-wrapped spindles
  • Burn custom labels direct to disc using LightScribe burner drive
  • 30% faster burn times with version 1.2
  • Gold background

LightScribe media from Microboards is a complete labeling & recording solution for users with LightScribe recorders, and now MediaSupply.com brings you these great products with great service and great pricing. When you've completed the recording of your data on the Microboards LightScribe CD-R, you easily flip over the CD or DVD and place it in the recorder to print a unique image right on the disc's print (top) side.

Microboards LightScribe CD packages let you spend time making the best artwork, not the best disc. Microboards LightScribe discs are manufactured with a ISO14001 process which puts it a step above standard recordable CDs. Every Lightscribe CD disc is virtually error-free with remarkably low bler (Block Error) rates, jitter and zero wave distortion. What does this mean for you? It means you'll have low numbers of bad discs, you'll hear no pops or clicks in your audio discs and you'll be able to play your video DVDs in just about any player. No need to trade off print quality for recording quality with Microboard's LightScribe CD discs from MediaSupply.com

A recognized leader in the industry, Microboards Technology has been providing customers with the latest in disc technology since 1989. Microboards offers a broad selection of innovative, cutting-edge products, solutions and media from both leading manufacturers and its own line of high-quality disc publishing systems, printing solutions and media.

Microboards LightScribe CD Media