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Nexsan by Imation Data Storage Solutions

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Nexsan by Imation

Secure Storage Solutions to Fit Your Needs

The need to store, backup, archive and access data is growing exponentially. Imation's Nexsan portfolio addresses these needs with its line of flexible, efficient, and cost-effective storage appliances. Nexsan solutions include solid-state optimized unified hybrid storage systems, secure automated archive solutions and high-density enterprise storage arrays. Nexsan solutions deliver high performance for mission-critical IT applications such as virtualization, cloud, databases, and collaboration, and energy efficient, high-density storage for backup and archiving.

Nexsan Authorized Reseller

As the premier authorized reseller of Nexsan systems, Media Supply provides the expertise needed to make an informed purchase to best address your unique data storage requirements.

Email or call us at 800-944-4237 for more information on Nexsan solutions for data storage.

Nexsan Storage Products

Nexsan Assureon

Assureon Secure Storage

Nexsan E-Series

E-Series High Density Storage

Nexsan NST Hybrid

NST Hybrid Storage

  • Reduces Storage Costs
  • Increases user efficiency
  • Guaranteed data integrity
  • Protects high-value data
  • Conforms to corporate governance and government regulatory requirements
  • Optimizes data storage
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Reduces energy costs up to 87% with Nexsan AutoMAID power management
  • ActiveDrawer Technology - service drives or fans without downtime or heavy lifting
  • Cutting-edge vibration control for improved performance and reliability
  • Ultra-dense - uses 1/3 the rack space of typical storage arrays
  • NAS and SAN access in a single hybrid storage appliance
  • Scalable storage and/or performance to meet changing needs
  • Combines high performance and high capacity
  • FASTier caching technology
  • Handles mixed application workloads and virtualized environments

Who Benefits from Using Nexsan Solutions?

With more than 11,000 customers and over 33,000 systems deployed since 1999, Nexsan storage solutions have a proven track record of helping a diverse range of organizations and enterprises meet their data storage needs. Key applications and markets include:

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