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Inkjet Print and Copy Services

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Preprinted CD-Rs and DVD-Rs are a great alternative to purchasing and storing large volumes of pre-packaged software or audio discs. Unlike pre-packaged kits, pre-printing your discs allows you to modify your disc content as versions change and updates become available, plus you can burn your own as you need them.

Shipping is not included.
Duplication is not included.

Media Supply also offers its low-cost preprint services on Taiyo Yuden/JVC WaterShield CD-Rs and DVD-Rs. Upgrade to WaterShield and see the benefits of beautiful, glossy prints and resistance to damage from water and scratching. The preprint service only adds $7.50 to our everyday low WaterShield price, and ground shipping on JVC/Tayio Yuden WaterShield discs is free!

Verbatim Digital Vinyl CD-Rs also available for preprint service. Give your CDs the hip look of a vinyl record!

Artwork Requirements:
Here are some tips for making your artwork submission go smoothly:

  • Please use this template to prepare your artwork
  • Create artwork at 300 dpi
  • Do not knock out center hub (leave that clean center edge to us)
  • Your image size should be 4.75" x 4.75" (square)
  • Allow for bleed over the edges (leave that clean outer edge to us)
  • Artwork files should saved as a .psd, hi-res PDF, .eps, .ai or .tif
  • Leave layers in your template (So we can remove template from your artwork. If isn't saved in layers we cannot remove it.)
  • If exact color matching is important to you, please send us a color print of your artwork to use as a reference.

Need help making your master disc? Ask your Media Supply representative about our complete Audio Mastering Services. We can create a great sounding professional quality master from nearly any analog (tape) or digital source.

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