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Inkjet Print and Copy Services
Affordable for short-run and bulk projects!

Order your discs pre-printed from MediaSupply.com!

It's easy to pre-print your blank discs
Take one more thing off your to-do list, and get perfectly printed discs fast!

Ordering your blank discs with your pre-printed artwork from Media Supply is as simple as adding the blank discs to your shopping cart. Pre-printing will save you money, time and headaches, as we take care of the entire process. Our in-house experts will take your artwork and perfectly place it on the disc surface. We also guarantee the quality of the print and color-fast drying of the disc surface.

MediaSupply.com makes it simple to add print to your blank disc order. Here’s four easy steps:

  1. Order your blank CDs or DVDs as you would normally
  2. Select “Custom Print?” from the options field.
  3. Complete your blank media order.
  4. Wait for artwork upload instructions from MediaSupply.com via DropBox.

Artwork Requirements:

Here are some tips for making your artwork submission go smoothly:

  • Please use this template to prepare your artwork
  • Create artwork at 300 dpi
  • Do not knock out center hub (leave that clean center edge to us)
  • Your image size should be 4.75" x 4.75" (square)
  • Allow for bleed over the edges (leave that clean outer edge to us)
  • Artwork files should saved as a .psd, hi-res PDF, .eps, .ai or .tif
  • Leave layers in your template (So we can remove template from your artwork. If isn't saved in layers we cannot remove it.)
  • If exact color matching is important to you, please send us a color print of your artwork to use as a reference.

Need help making your master disc? Ask your Media Supply representative about our complete Audio Mastering Services.
We can create a great sounding professional quality master from nearly any analog (tape) or digital source.

* NEW! * See your artwork on a disc here:

JVC Watershield Inkjet Discs
Pre-print your Watershield DVDs and CDs for as low as $7.50 per spindle.
MediaPro White Inkjet Discs
Our value-priced MediaPro discs make the price of a pre-printed disc a great deal.
Verbatim White Inkjet Discs
Get the value of Verbatim quality in your preprinted DVDs and Dual Layer DVDs

Verbatim Digital Vinyl CD-Rs also available for preprint service. Give your CDs the hip look of a vinyl record!


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