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Taiyo Yuden/JVC 80m White Inkjet Hub Printable CD-R in Shrink Wrap(100)

Taiyo Yuden/JVC 80m White Inkjet Hub Printable CD-R in Shrink Wrap(100)Click to Enlarge

Code: JVC14725
UPC: 046838041006
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Frank says,Like any JVC/Taiyo Yuden, these white inkjet, hub printable discs are built to work in every recorder, every funky car cd player and in every worn out salesperson's laptop drive. Every JVC/Taiyo disc has that going for it, and audiophiles love them for their quality recording and excellent playback. What make this disc special is the hub printable inkjet surface. To start, JVC/Taiyo inkjet surfaces are simply awesome. They dry fast, they don't smudge and they hold your colors. This disc takes it a bit further and keeps going with that print surface all the way to the center hub, and backs it up with a metalized hub area, so your printable hub doesn't have a darker look than the rest of the disc. So this disc gives you the largest, fastest drying, color fast surface of any disc available. This is what other disc manufacturers strive for, and usually don't reach. Its the king of the white inkjet disc mountain!

Note to Consumer: Your Taiyo Yuden DVDs & CDs may look different!

Taiyo Yuden purchased JVC's media group and became one, taking advantage of JVC's royalty deals on blank discs. Part of this cost-saving agreement was to change the marketing name of Taiyo to JVC, so they could take advantage of the JVC's more broadly known name. The base product is exactly the same and up to the same quality standards as the Taiyo Yuden. Read more about the TY/JVC change here. Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

The ability to print all the way to the center hub on these professional grade CD-R is what differentiates it from other Taiyo Yuden CD Recordables. Being hub-printable allows a greater display area for your message or artwork and a truly state-of-the-art look to your finished product. These discs have a white (edge to edge) inkjet top surface, and a blue/green (cyanine) recording surface, with a maximum recording speed of 52x. It was engineered specifically for use with direct surface inkjet printers like those made by Primera, Microboards, Rimage, and Epson. It's packaged in 100 pc shrink wrap, and in master cartons of 600 pcs. This product is not designed to work in a Rimage Everest printer and it is not recommended for screen printing.

About Taiyo Yuden
The Taiyo Yuden brand is known to professionals for its virtually non-existent failure rate and universal player compatibility. Normally sold in large quantities to professional disc publishing houses, these discs are now available to the general public, online at MediaSupply.com. Here’s a few things you need to know about Taiyo product:

Taiyo Yuden made the first CD-R disc. They worked with Sony & Phillips as one of Japan’s largest chemical companies to make the dye which would store the data on the CD-R. Each disc is still made in Japan, in fact they are the only company in Japan that still makes CD-R, so if you see a “Made in Japan” on any CD-R disc, be it a Sony, Fuji or Imation, you know its made by Taiyo Yuden.

Media Supply Part Number: JVC14725
Old Media Supply Part Number: TYD80WPH
Manufacturer Part Number:JCDR-WPP-SK
UPC: 046838041006

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