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Taiyo Yuden/JVC White Inkjet 8x DVD-R (100pk)

Taiyo Yuden/JVC White Inkjet 8x DVD-R  (100pk)Click to Enlarge

Code: JVC14837
UPC: 046838040818
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Frank says,JVC/Taiyo Yuden is going away!
It's still available for now, but I recommend trying our new
MediaPro Premium.

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Frank says,JVC/Taiyo DVD-Rs are great discs, and this particular disc has a great, hub printable white inkjet surface. If you are shopping for these for the first time, here's why you should consider them; First, they will address all those problems you've been having with other discs that don't playback well in set top DVD players, card DVD players and other portable systems. Secondly, the are a great deal thank to the fact that 8x recording isn't really that different from 16x. In fact, if you don't record a full disc you'll probably won't notice a difference, as maximum record speeds don't hit until the final section of the disc. That's why these 8x discs are still available, as they are bit cheaper than 16x, but the speed difference is miniscule. Finally, the print surface is great. JVC/Taiyo makes the most reliable, colorfast, quick-drying inkjet surface available. You won't need to worry about discs sticking in your Epson, Rimage, Primera or Microboards automated printers, and you don't to worry about smudging. Keep in mind that these discs don't require your printer's highest quality print setting. No need to dump too much ink on these discs. They will look great a the printers medium or economy settings.

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Taiyo Yuden 4.7GB 8x DVD-R White Inkjet Printable - Hub Printable

Lightning-fast 8x DVD burning! Taiyo Yuden is recognized as a leader in the manufacturing of reliable, accurate media for CD and DVD recording. This inkjet printable 8x DVD-R media allows faster writing speeds.

Taiyo Yuden DVDs and CDs are of the highest quality. We sell them every day to happy customers who don't ever need to return them. These discs are a big hit with those in our customer service department. If it was up to them, we wouldn't sell any other brand. These are inkjet printable. Did you know that Taiyo Yuden pioneered high-speed DVD-R and DVD-R technology in late 2002 when it introduced the industry's first media to support 4x-speed writing? Now you can go beyond that barrier to achieve DVD recording in record time!

Note to Consumer: Your Taiyo Yuden DVDs & CDs may look different!

Taiyo Yuden purchased JVC's media group and became one, taking advantage of JVC's royalty deals on blank discs. Part of this cost-saving agreement was to change the marketing name of Taiyo to JVC, so they could take advantage of the JVC's more broadly known name. The base product is exactly the same and up to the same quality standards as the Taiyo Yuden. Read more about the TY/JVC change here. Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

Taiyo Fake or Real?

There have been reports of companies selling their inferior media with Taiyo Yuden labels. If you're wondering if you have authentic Taiyo Yuden, check out our Taiyo Yuden Page. Media Supply is an authorized Taiyo Yuden Dealer. Our Taiyo Yuden Media is the real deal.

Media Supply Part Number: JVC14837
Old Media Supply Part Number: TYDD5MWP8
Manufacturer Part Number:JDMR-WPP-SK8
UPC: 046838040818