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This Week's Special Offer: MediaPro Premium Silver Thermal Lacquer CD-R - 100 Pack (Spindle) $28.45
Sale Price $26.90, 2/$45.80, 6/$118.80

Media Supply's Blank DVD/CD Shop

When it comes to blank media, our philosophy is extremely simple:

Media Supply offers only the best quality blank media.

These aren't the cheapest discs out there, but we feel they offer the best value. Quite frankly, most of the store-brand and cheap-o discs out there are trash. You can buy the cheap stuff, but once you consider the number of discs that will fail, the time you'll spend replacing them (if you can replace them--I hope you don't trust invaluable data to garbage discs!), the money you'll spend buying and shipping replacement discs and the amount of frustration and heartache you'll endure, ask yourself, "How much did I really save?"

Media Supply doesn't sell cheap garbage discs, we sell only high-quality discs that give you the best performance for your money. Order your discs online, or give us a call at 1-800-944-4237.

Looking for low-cost CD-Rs? Media Supply's MediaPro brand CDs are reliable, professional grade blank CDs at excellent prices.

MediaPro Blank CDs and DVDs - Value Priced

Blank DVD/CD Shop