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Blu-ray Blank Media

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Questions about Blu-ray? Check out our Blu-ray FAQ page.

Blu-ray Media and DVD Disc Supplies

MediaSupply.com has a complete line of Blu-ray media. Media Supply only sells Blu-ray media from industry leaders in disc quality at low prices.

Whether you are looking for a single BD-R disc to work with your new Blu-ray recorder or if you are looking to copy multiple discs, MediaSupply.com has the right Blu-ray discs for you. We stock single Blu-ray (BD-R and BD-RE) discs in jewel cases as well as printable Blu-ray discs (BD-R) for inkjet printers and thermal printers.

Our inkjet Blu-ray discs are compatible with inkjet printers from Microboards, Primera and Rimage. Our thermal Blu-ray discs are compatible with the Rimage Prism, Everest II, Everest III and Everest 600 thermal transfer printers.

Why Blu‐ray for Archive?

Not a proprietary storage technology

Unlike some sole-source storage solutions, like Sony Memory Sticks, Blu-ray has been adopted as the standard by over 150 companies. Blu-ray media can be used in drives, duplicators & systems from just about every major electronics manufacturer, from game technology to storage devices.

Open Format
Blu-ray recorded media in a library can be read by any standard workstation Blu-ray drive. This means in 5, 10 or 20 years you can continue to read the data you burned on BD (Blu-ray media) from years past. Just as your 1980s CD audio recordings still work in today’s drives, Blu-ray can be used for many years to come. No other recording technology has this proven record.

High Read & Write Speeds
Currently, using 6x BD‐R media, Panasonic and Pioneer BDR205 drives produce 54MB/s write and 36MB/s read speeds. This equates to writing approximately 3GB per minute or about 1TB per 5 hours for each drive. (Access file speed ‐ HDD = 5/10ms, BD = 200ms, Tape = 2/3 minutes). The library access time may vary. If a medium is loaded in a drive the access time is 200ms, if a searched file is in the read cache the access time is under 10ms, if a medium needs to be loaded by the library the file access time is in the 10 sec. range. All given access times vary with file size.

More Durable and Stable Media
  • The combination of the dye material used in Blu-ray media and the hard coat finishes used by manufacturers result in extended archive storage capability for BDR. Most manufacturers currently report 50 -100 year life expectancy
  • Compared to a HDD RAID solution or tape solution, BDR has no contact with any drive heads, so no physical wear & tear.
  • WORM – (BD‐R) Write Once Read Many - The write only aspect of BD-R makes it perfect for compliance storage situations (email, legal records, etc.).

Green Storage
Hard Drive (HDD) storage calls for constant use of power for drive stability. Tape storage requires regular tape exercising to maintain integrity of the data.
Blu-ray storage doesn’t require power for storage/archiving or any exercising.

Incremental Write
Add data to BD‐R incrementally just like with hard disk technology (HDD)! This can be done over 10,000 times or until the BD media is full. Blu-ray media is sector based and uses write verification on the fly as well as a powerful error correction algorithm, all very similar to the techniques used with HDD.

High Capacity
25GB (1 layer), 50GB (2 layers), 100GB (3 layers), 128GB (4 layers) Future introduction of 200GB media and beyond with faster transfer rates. Current transfer rates are 36MB/s (Megabytes/sec.)

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