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Bulk Savings on DVD Media

This Week's Special Offer: MediaPro Premium Silver Thermal Lacquer CD-R - 100 Pack (Spindle) $28.45
Sale Price $26.90, 2/$45.80, 6/$118.80

Bulk Savings on DVD-R

MediaSupply.com updated our Bulk DVD page to make it even easier to find what you are looking for. Not only do we have our bulk DVDs listed by our most popular brands, but we've just added listings by:

  • Lowest Priced Bulk DVD Options
  • White Inkjet Bulk DVD Options
  • Our most popular Bulk DVD Options

Of course we're here to answer any questions you have while your looking for the right bulk cd to fit your job requirement.

You can save on our JVC/Taiyo Yuden Watershield DVD, the glossy & waterproof print surface that makes your inkjet printer capable of producing offset quality print.

We also offer savings on our JVC/Taiyo Yuden shiny silver surface, used every day by silk screeners and thermal printers. Taiyo Yuden’s classic inkjet surface is available on DVD as well. Taiyo Yuden also has products available in both 8x and 16x speeds, so you can match the speed of your media to that of your recorder.

Verbatim DVD is available in case quantities, but not in the same big cases you see the Taiyo in. Verbatim, who cater much of their production to large retailers, tend to pack their discs in smaller cases. So you’ll see Verbatim DVD available in 200 unit cases. Verbatim print surfaces work very nicely with Rimage, Primera and Microboards printers.

The price on gold DVD is high because of the high price of the gold used in its production, but you will save money by purchasing MAM-A’s Archival Gold DVDs here. This popular product is purchased in large quantities by those wishing to archive their files. Gold media doesn't oxidize like other media; MAM-A’s gold media is famous for long shelf life, unmatched by any other manufacturer.

Of course greater savings are available when you are able to purchase in larger volumes, so if you need a price on 1000, 5000, 10000 or more, please lets us know. We'll get you the best price on the best product.

Bulk Products - $ave!