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Bulk Rimage Everest and Prism Ribbons

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Bulk Rimage Everest and Prism Ribbons

Media Supply is your source for selection, price and expertise on bulk Rimage DVD and CD Printer ribbons.
The Rimage Everest creates a beautiful, "offset print" quality disc, and the Rimage CMY and transfers ribbon are the key. The Rimage Ribbon CMY can print 500 images, and the Everest transfer ribbon can print 1000 discs. The Everest technology takes the color from the CMY ribbon and applies it to the transfer ribbon, which lays the image on your discs. Please make sure you DVDs and CDs are Everest compatible, as printing with a Rimage Everest printer to a non-Everest compatible disc can be a disappointing experience. The standard shiny lacquer surface or branded DVD or CD will not work, as the intense heat and pressure used by the Everest when in applying the image to the disc requires a specially engineered print surface.

The Rimage Prism offers a clean monochrome print and has a much lower cost per disc than the Everest. While Media Supply highly recommends authentic Rimage ribbons for use in your Prism printer, there are some acceptable, low-cost, generic options available as well. Talk to your Media Supply representative to find the best ribbon for your application.

You can save on your Rimage Ribbons with our bulk packs, where quantities of 3, 5 and 10 ribbons are discounted off our normal website price.

If you are looking for a supplier with a full inventory of Rimage ribbons, then look no further. Media Supply stocks more Rimage Everest and Rimage Prism ribbons than any other US Rimage Value Added Reseller (VAR). As a leading Rimage VAR, Media Supply has the Rimage expertise others can’t match, with our Rimage Level2 trained Sales Specialists and Service Technicians.

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