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Blank CDs

This Week's Special Offer: MediaPro Premium Silver Thermal Lacquer CD-R - 100 Pack (Spindle) $28.45
Sale Price $26.90, 2/$45.80, 6/$118.80

Frank says,If you're looking for a reason why we feature Powered by TY CD-Rs on this page, it's simple to explain. Powered by TY discs are manufactured using Taiyo Yuden's materials, specifications, and strict quality standards, making these blank CDs just about the best product available. Powered by TY CD-Rs help eliminate errors in burning, printing and playback. Why? Because these discs are built to the center of the ISO specification for blank discs. They don't skimp on metal in the reflective layer, plastic in the disc itself, or with the print surface. CD manufacturers can save a lot of money if they cut back on these basic parts of a disc, but you're left with disc that is built on the short end of every specification.

Media Supply's Blank CD-R Shop

Media Supply is still the largest supplier of blank CD-R media in the USA, because we only sell quality CD-Recordable discs. You can always find less expensive CD-R than the Powered by TY, Verbatim and Microboards CD-Rs that Media Supply offers, but will it burn, playback and print as well as Media Supply’s discs? The answer is probably not. The difference between a good CD-R and a marginal one isn’t simple, but it makes a big impact on your work.

Looking for low-cost CD-Rs? Media Supply's MediaPro brand CDs are reliable, professional grade blank CDs at excellent prices.

Blank CDs