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CD Duplication

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Let us do the work for you...

Media Supply is here to help you get your CD copy job done simply and affordably, offering complete turnkey solutions for large quantities, small quantities and jobs needing a fast turn-around.

Short-Run CD Duplication is ideal for smaller runs, where quick turn and low prices are important. Your data is burned onto a disc at Media Supply, and then we print the disc using high resolution Digital Color print technology, offering quality color prints at a higher LPI than offset. Our Digital Color offers full photographic quality, edge-to-edge print surface on the disc, quick turn times, and the ability to print unique date to each disc.

CD Replication is ideal for quantities over 1,000 pieces and makes for the most compatible, durable disc you can find. Unlike Duplication, where a CD recorder burns each blank disc, the replicated disc is stamped in an injection molding process to keep your large volume costs down.

Preprinting your CDs is the best solution when you're concerned with branding and want to distribute differing quantities of discs containing unique content. Let us print your discs for you and then you can burn the quantities you need whenever you like, whenever your content changes. Our customers love Media Supply's Digital Color printing. It creates a professional look for your discs that goes beyond anything you have ever seen from a disc printed by silkscreen or color inkjet. Seeing is believing; The quality is just as good for monochrome print as it is for full CMYK color. Ask a Media Supply representative for a sample of your artwork printed with our digital color technology, and you'll see why many never want to go back to any other print method.

Ideal for small jobs and unique prints, our clients have found that digital color is not just for large jobs and big accounts. The unique nature of the print process makes it a great fit for small quantities and projects that require unique data on each disc such as customer names, barcodes and disc titles. The digital color print method eliminates the need for artwork setup or film charges allowing your project to be completed quickly.

Talk to one of our CD Service specialists about what we can do to help you get your job done just the way you want it! Need help making your master disc? Ask you Media Supply representative about our complete CD audio mastering services. We can create a professional cd from any analog (tape)or digital source.

Need help making your master disc its best? Ask your Media Supply representative about our complete CD mastering services. We can create a professional CD from any mp3, aiff or analog source.

Want to add track and album information to your audio CD? Click here for more information.

All CD duplication requires a completed Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) form.

Call us at 1-800-944-4237 and select option 3 for more information, or fill out our contact form with any questions.

CD Duplication