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Quantity: 50

DiscSaver Cases
Quantity: 50

Overlapping seal provides better dust protection for your data, audio, or DVD discs!Click to Enlarge

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Frank says,This item is no longer available.
I recommend trying this
Clam Shell Disc Case.

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DiscSavers Slim Clear Disc Case (50)

50 Disc Savers. This variation on the classic CShell is a great disc packaging alternative to Jewel Cases.
  • It's uniform, rounded-corner, overall square-ish shape are a nice alternative to C-Shells.
  • The overlapping seal around the DiscSaver may appeal to those of you who demand further dust-proof protection for your data, audio, or DVD discs. The Disc Saver offers the same snap-lock closing action as the original CShell but with the additional benefit of the overlapping lip around the perimeter.
  • Like CShells, DiscSavers provide protection for all your CD and DVD storage needs because of their durable, impact-resistant plastic.
  • Constructed of durable polypropylene, overcoming fragility. Even if you could break it, it would be tough to get a sharp edge.