Acronova DupliQ 16x DVD

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Acronova proudly present you, DupliQ-USB, the first and the smallest multi-purpose auto-loading solution for your CD and DVD burning process. It connects to your PC or laptop via USB 2.0. Weighing only 10 lbs, it is the first and only auto-loading device that is truly portable!

Unique features DupliQ-USB is not your ordinary external USB CD and/or DVD recorder. It is equipped with an auto-loader that is capable of loading and unloading the disc automatically. The patent-pending input tray can handle 12cm, 8cm and certain business-card disc with one easy turn on the disc holding pillars. Up to 25 discs can be loaded at a time for an automated batch operation.

Ease of use The DupliQ-USB is simple to use. Simply turn on the power, connect it to your computerˇ¦s USB port, load the disc, start the application software, and you are ready to go!! DupliQ is highly portable. You can take it with you anywhere you want. It is great for organizations of any size (small office, seminars, church, musicians, software company or education institutions, etc.) looking to produce small to mid size batch of CD or DVD without the hassle and expensive cost of outsourcing.

Software DupliQ's simple and intelligent core API enable it to adapt to a variety of software and industries need. The DupliQ-USB comes fully bundle with the burning and device management software (Nero Express, QFox).