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Getting Ready to Send your Files for Duplication and/or Printing

Media Supply, Inc. wants to help you make your CD or DVD presentation the best it can be. By following these steps you can avoid problems all the way through the manufacturing process. Nobody likes surprises, and Media Supply, Inc. can help you eliminate them.

1. Making the best master disc:
With some customer's supplied masters we have trouble using their DVD & CDs as duplication masters. When copying DVDs or CDs you must remember to consider which drives your potential users have, and what kind of condition they are in - what we call "interchange". Our copying equipment is designed to be particular about what masters are used to make sure we only copy usable data. If your audio master has scratches and errors, it won't be usable. If your data master was burnt off a drive that is not working functionally it won't be usable. The best way to fix a mastering problem is to use a good DVD/CD Recorder and use quality blank media. Ask a Media Supply representative for recommendations.

2. Making the cleanest graphics:
Media Supply, Inc. wants to make your artwork as clean and crisp as possible. By using our templates listed above, you will be able to provide artwork that is perfectly sized for your job. If you have questions on supplying artwork, or working with our templates please contact us.

3. Protecting your copyrights:
Media Supply, Inc. wants to help you protect your intellectual property rights, and the rights of others. Here are steps to follow that will make your job easier in the long run.

  • Copyright all your materials -- Register all your work with the U.S. Copyright office. If you have written a song you may also want to license your song with a performing arts society like ASCAP or BMI
  • Obtain all your third party rights-- For Software, make sure you have licensed any applications that require it, like WinZip, QuickTime, Stuff It, Acrobat & Windows Media Player. Most of these product's websites have simple instructions to follow to complete this process. For Music, get the rights to all songs you sample or cover. For Video, make sure you have obtained rights for video and music in your content.
  • Submit an Intellectual Property Rights Form.

4. Choose the right packaging:
Your Media Supply, Inc. representative will take the time to work with you to find the perfect packaging for your job. With over 15 years in the disc manufacturing business, Media Supply, Inc. has worked with just about every form of packaging available, and can point you towards the packaging that fits your marketing and price requirements. Call your Media Supply, Inc. representative and take a moment to explain your project, and we'll be there to help.

5. What else you need to know:
Media Supply, Inc. requires a 50% deposit on all custom CD & DVD manufacturing jobs.
CD & DVD Manufacturing can be subject to a 5% over or under run.
We base our production times on emailed digital proofs. If you require a physical proof, it will result in an additional day before your job is completed.
We guarantee that your copy will match your master. Media Supply is not responsible for non-functioning master discs. We will test the quality of the master disc so the recording process is not affected, but we do not test for:

  • Non-functioning computer programs
  • Auto-Start discs that don't auto-start.
  • Audio discs that have scratches and pops.
  • Open session discs
Other notes:
  • Major artwork changes, disc editing and proofing will lead to delays in the completion of your job. Media Supply, Inc. is not responsible for delays caused by this process.
  • If Media Supply, Inc. creates or masters your disc we require an additional day for you to physically proof the disc.
  • If Media Supply, Inc. creates your artwork, you will receive one edit as part of the service, but any additional edits are subject to a fee of $125/hour.
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