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ISO Certified - JVC White Inkjet Printable Archival DVD-R - 25 Pack

ISO Certified - JVC White Inkjet Printable Archival DVD-R - 25 PackClick to Enlarge

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ISO Certified Data Archiving Solution

ISO Certified White Inkjet Printable Archival DVD-R - 25 Pack

Finally, an archive-grade disc from Taiyo Yuden/JVC!

At Media Supply, many of our regular Taiyo Yuden/JVC customers have inquired about archive-grade DVDs, and until now, we've had to tell them that Taiyo doesn't make one. That's why we're extremely excited that JVC/Taiyo has introduced this new archival DVD-R!

Why use ISO certified discs on run-of-the-mill or suspect recorder drives? Ensure the highest quality burns for archiving data with the Microboards line of ISO archival disc publishers!

JVC ISO Archival Media features:

ISO/IEC 10995 Certified

ISO 10995 is the only international standard currently set to test DVD+/-R/RW/RAM discs. The standard, established in April 2008 in Japan, specifies a the test method for estimating the archival lifetime of optical media. It uses an accelerated aging test method for estimating the life expectancy for the retrievability of information stored on recordable or rewritable optical discs. JVC created these specialized optical discs specifically for long-term storage, and they are the only ISO 10995 certified disc for data archival.

Low Occurrence of Initial Writing Errors

Environmental factors, like high temperature, humidity and light, are more likely to affect the data on discs with a high writing error rate. When producing these archival discs, JVC takes extensive measures to ensure the DVD-Rs will have the lowest possible initial writing errors (when used with well-maintained, quality drives). Additionally, JVC inspects its archival discs ten times more frequently than its standard DVDs to ensure they meet archival quality standards.

Special Silver Alloy Reflective Layer

Many other manufacturers' archive-grade discs employ a gold reflective layer to minimize degradation during long-term storage. While gold is an appropriate material for this purpose, these discs sacrifice reflectivity, an important property needed for the reading and writing of optical discs. Lower reflectivity can cause a higher write-error rate, which affects the storage life of recorded discs. JVC uses a special silver alloy in its archival discs, designed to resist degradation without sacrificing reflectivity.

Uniquely Designed Organic Dye

Heat and light can cause damage to the organic dye in optical discs. JVC developed special additives to use in its archival DVDs that make the organic dye much more resistant to decomposition during long-term storage.

The Protection of Hard Coat Technology

JVC applies an additional hard coat to its archival DVD-Rs, making them 200 times more scratch resistant, 1000 times more resistant to dust and 7 times more resistant to fingerprints.

JVC Stability and Consistency

JVC is the only disc manufacturer that controls all aspects of its manufacturing. All its products are made in Japan. It produces its archive DVDs on exclusive production lines, where quality standards are set at the highest levels in the industry, so there's no fluctuation in the production process. Furthermore, each lot goes through stress and accelerated aging tests to ensure the durability and reliability is high enough to qualify as archive grade product.

Specially Tuned Drives

JVC has partnered with Teac to manufacture drives specifically tuned to work with JVC archival DVD-Rs. These drives provide the most suitable laser power for burning these archival DVD-R discs, which helps to minimize the occurrence of writing errors. The drives also feature a self-diagnostic function, which prevents drives from running under unfavorable conditions, further minimizing the risk of high error rates. Microboards uses these drives in its ISO archival publishers: