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Microboards Automated CD/DVD/Blu-ray Duplicators

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Microboards Automated Duplicators

Microboards publishers and duplicators are great automated solutions for the intelligent disc printer looking to make their process smarter and faster. Microboards inkjet printers have been set apart from other brands because they feature Hewlett Packard print engines and the lowest cost per print of any inkjet system. While there are always less expensive systems available, Microboards systems can make up the initial purchase price difference in less than 1,000 discs, with a print cost that is more than half of a Primera Bravo.

Microboards publishers offer Macintosh support, developed with a native Mac application.

Microboards automated CD/DVD publishers have moved up our recommended products list, as we have found them to be much more reliable and give the enduser the ability to save on ink costs. Microboards systems historically had a disc loading mechanism that relied only on a gravity drop, resulting in many misaligned prints. To counteract the misalignment issues, Microboards has added a small “finger” which guides the disc into place. The difference is remarkable, making the system loading mechanism dependable and trouble-free.

The Microboards HCL series has become a favorite of our staff as well. We have many clients looking for a system they can count on for “lights-out” copying. This means they would like to load up a system either first thing in the morning or before they leave for the evening, and return later to a completed job. This might seem like a simple task, but this type of copying is a challenge for any system outside of a Rimage 7100 or 8100. The HCL line is made for this type of job, with a design specific to eliminating jams, miss-picks and load errors.

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