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Nexcopy USB Flash Drive, SD Card & CF Duplicators

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Nexcopy SD, microSD, CF and USB Duplicators

Nexcopy's extensive knowledge and experience with all forms of flash memory makes its USB, CF, SD, and microSD duplicators the highest quality and most feature rich flash memory duplication equipment on the market today. Whether you are looking for the speed and simplicity of a standalone duplicator, or the advanced features of PC-based system, Nexcopy is the flash drive duplicator you can trust for fast, reliable performance. Make data loading a simple process with Nexcopy!

USB Flash Drives are becoming a standard storage product for exchanging information between office PC, storing your personal files and distributing important information with key users. The universal acceptance of the USB Flash Drive and the ongoing price drops of the drives make the Nexcopy USB200PC Duplicator a great option for content distribution and data management for all your users in the field.

The Nexcopy 20 drive USB Flash Drive Duplicator makes loading of data on a USB Flash Drive simple and quick, giving your USB copy job new found versatility.

Top 5 Reasons for a PC based USB Duplicator:

  1. The software screen gives you an instant overview of all drives connected, capacity and data copied . This gives you a quick glance of verification, process and performance feedback.
  2. The Copy Add function in our Nexcopy software allows you to add file(s) to flash drives with data already on them. This is ideal for last minute updates or changes before a USB stick heads out the door. The Copy Add feature means you only duplicate the added file, not re-dupe the entire flash drive.
  3. Copy Add function also performs updates to out-of-date files. Example: If you had USB sticks with data already on them, and you need to update a file, Copy Add will simply update that file, rather than re-dupe the entire device.
    **Standalone units do not have the Copy Add functions.
  4. Duplicate to any size flash media. The Nexcopy USB200PC will copy to a collection of USB drive sizes. Standalone units require all flash drives be the same size.
  5. Expandability. Nexcopy's 20 port systems can be expanded to support 40 or 60 ports. This gives you complete flexibility to grow as your flash drive demands increase. Your initial investment won't go to waste if you need a larger unit.

Just for kicks, Nexcopy offers lifetime software updates absolutely free.

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