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Primera Bravo DVD & CD Automated Duplicators and Printers

Primera disc publishers are the most popular in the world, and its easy to see why. No DVD/CD duplicator has the same features at the same price. There are cheaper systems available, but the either don't include a printer, have automation that isn't nearly as reliable, or they are just really not that good a product. Primera introduced the Bravo 4100 series a few years ago, and it really made a huge impact in the disc duplicator market. Now, the 4200-Series improves upon the fast printing and reliability of its predecessor, and sets a new industry standard for inkjet disc printers. These Bravo automated duplicators are also simple to use right out of the box, and software is remarkably easy to setup and use. The Bravo 4200 is a multi-faceted publisher which can be purchased with one drive, two drives or as an autoprinter. It can also be configured with a standard DVD/CD drive or a Blu-ray recorder, all built around the same autoloading mechanism. That's been a real strength of Primera Bravos, where they are simple to get up and running with a basic USB 3.0 connection and easy to use software. The Bravo 4100 series were some of the most dependable & reliable out-of-the box solutions that Media Supply offered, and the 4200 series offers the same, if not better, performance. So in order to help you make the right decision:

The Bravo Series is for you if:

  • You are looking for the lowest entry cost to a reliable system.
  • If you are an everyday computer user - The software is easy to use, walking you through every step of almost every type of job.
  • If you are looking fast setup and connection - No special PC needed and no hard drive partitioning required. You just plug into your computer's USB 3.0 port.
  • If you need a system that is remarkably dependable out of the box. No surprises with the Primera. We ship them and they work.

Give us a call if you:

  • If you are running lots of discs. Primera has done a lot to reduce their print costs (Cost of ink cartridge/number of disc printed), but the cost can catch up to you if you are printing thousands of discs. Call us if you are concerned about print costs.
  • If you plan on running the printer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Primera's are great for your basic 1-100 discs jobs. The XRP series can support bigger 100-500 discs jobs. But they are not made for continuous duty. Of course it can be cheaper to buy multiple Primera disc duplicators than it is to buy a more expensive continuous duty machine, so that can also be a solution!
  • Need to get jobs done really fast. We normally recommend a tower/autoprinter bundle for that scenario, when you need to pump out 300 discs on a Thursday for delivery on Friday.

The Bravo SE-3, low-priced, entry level Primera DVD/Blu ray publisher is available in a DVD or Blu-ray system as well as an Autoprinter version without a drive. It has a 20 disc capacity and, like the 4200-series, uses a single inkjet cartridge. The Bravo SE-3 is like all Bravo Systems and works flawlessly right out of the box. Please be sure you don't bite off more than you can chew though, as the SE-3 is designed for small quantities of discs. So if you are copying more than 40-50 discs per day, you should really look at the Bravo 4052 or 4201.

The Bravo 4201 is a single drive version of the new 4200 series and is available in a DVD version, Blu-ray version and Autoprinter version, featuring a 100 disc capacity using the Bravo kiosk. The kiosk is free and sent to you when you register your Bravo with Primera. The system has a convenient, high-yield single ink cartridge print engine. Primera as increased the speed of the 4200 series as compared to the older generation Bravo Xi and Bravo XR, so the automation is much more stable and quick. The biggest difference is the print speed. With the 4200 series, you can print a full color disc in near-perfect quality in about six seconds!

The Bravo 4202 is the two drive version of the 4200-Series and is available in a DVD & Blu-ray version. The 4102 has a 100 disc capacity when you use the Bravo Kiosk. Given the faster throughput of the 4200 series Bravo, the two drive systems can really have an impact on your dupe job.

The Bravo 4202 XRP series is Primera's enterprise level publisher, with sturdy robotics and network features that compare to higher end systems from Rimage. The XRP Series has software development tools designed specifically for the mission critical applications. The XRP series attaches right to an office network, just like a networked printer or copier. When integration to a third party application(s) is required, Primera's Software Developer Kit makes it easy to work with. The PTDevSuite is furnished at no extra charge to registered developers.

Mac Compatible! Primera has their own Mac based software called PTPublisher for Mac. Its an easy to use burning and printing program written specifically for Mac OS 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8 compatibility. It uses the Roxio burn engine for recording and authoring discss and DiscCover for creating your disc labels.

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