Rimage Student Housing

The Rimage Solution for Universities - Student Housing

Welcome Students to Residence Life!

Rimage Disc Duplicators can help your housing department create materials for making the transition to on-campus life as easy as possible.

Tour Discs
Rimage’s network attached disc duplicators can create customized discs with your video tours of campus. Send each new student a unique, customized disc with detail on :

  • Dormitory, including campus maps, videos and location of student services
  • Location of their classrooms and building background history
  • Info on their upcoming roommate(s)
  • Welcome Centers for new students on disc
  • Contract Guides for new students
  • Residence Life Guides covering student services, event calendars and intramural activities.
Discs can even have pictures of their dormitories or of the students themselves on the discs. Anyone in the housing department can pull info off any network based server to build content for students. Rimage’s powerful software can even work your school’s Student Information System (SIS) to help build unique discs and present materials tied to student interests based on coursework.

Rimage & Media Supply would like to help you by presenting Rimage's Professional line of DVD/CD/Publishing systems to your department & school.

What you receive:

  1. A presentation of Rimage publishing equipment at your site in front of a group size of your choice.
  2. Usable samples of DVDs or CDs published on the Rimage publisher with your school's logo and department info.
  3. A consultation on how your school can use the Rimage GSA program to get pricing normally available to just the federal government.
  4. A light lunch provided to all presentation attendees.
To set up a presentation at your school just contact Frank Quinlisk at Media Supply at "rimage@mediasupply.com" or by calling 800-944-4237 x104.

Schedule your presentation soon, as our March & April calendars are filling up!


For the last 10 years, Penn State's information technology department had contracted with a third party for course material and software disc duplication. The third party publishing service enabled Penn State to produce a large number of computer utility software discs. However, as demand increased each year, the burden of warehousing large quantities of discs and discarding outdated inventory became too much. Download the PDF of this Rimage Case Study here! (142k PDF)