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The Rimage Solution for Universities - Music Departments

Make your Audio & Video Discs more professional & profitable!

Rimage Disc Duplicators can help your school’s Music Department create professional looking Audio & Video discs over a network, working just like a networked laser printer. Rimage’s networked publishing software lets anyone you choose to be on the network create Red Book audio discs and professional quality video discs from their computer. The uses and benefits for School Music Departments are not just on the side of ease of use, but they will bring up the quality and appearance of the discs you produce thanks to Rimage’s offset quality digital print.

Building Personalized Portfolio Discs
Rimage Publishing Systems can connect directly to your network, so you can pull audio and video files right from your connected servers to build unique discs. You can create audio or video discs by choosing whatever files apply to your theme, be it from one students appearances and performances or selected compositions from a particular theme. Along with the unique disc content you can create unique offset quality disc labels using Rimage Everest Printer.

Live Event Disc Recordings & Sales
Rimage Disc Duplicators are the back bone to most of the Live Event video and audio production discs made today. You can easily take recordings from a live event and burn them to disc so attendees can take them home with them. Many bands use this as revenue generators on the road, so your music department can too. Have them purchase a recording of the night’s event while the evening is still in their minds.

Rimage’s ability to make unique discs can set your message apart from others using Rimage’s network based software to build discs with content developed specifically for an student. Rimage’s digital print technology can do the same for the art on the disc where every disc sent out can easily be personalized with the student’s picture & name.

Using the same tools that let you create personalized discs for students, your department can create unique discs for fundraising events. Some schools are recording fundraising events and distributing those as well using Rimage Systems.

Band Camp Discs
Producing and selling Band Camp discs can make for a great way to create memorabilia, revenue generating products and marketing tools.

Rimage & Media Supply would like to help you by presenting Rimage's Professional line of DVD/CD/Publishing systems to your department & school.

What you receive:

  1. A presentation of Rimage publishing equipment at your site in front of a group size of your choice.
  2. Usable samples of DVDs or CDs published on the Rimage publisher with your school's logo and department info.
  3. A consultation on how your school can use the Rimage GSA program to get pricing normally available to just the federal government.
  4. A light lunch provided to all presentation attendees.
To set up a presentation at your school just contact Frank Quinlisk at Media Supply at "rimage@mediasupply.com" or by calling 800-944-4237 x104.

Schedule your presentation soon, as our March & April calendars are filling up!


For the last 10 years, Penn State's information technology department had contracted with a third party for course material and software disc duplication. The third party publishing service enabled Penn State to produce a large number of computer utility software discs. However, as demand increased each year, the burden of warehousing large quantities of discs and discarding outdated inventory became too much. Download the PDF of this Rimage Case Study here! (142k PDF)