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Templates & Downloads Updated!

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Media Supply has created the templates below for helping you correctly layout your artwork for your CD or DVD printing and copying jobs. Correctly submitting your artwork saves time, letting us get right to the job of producing your discs and packaging.

After you have downloaded your template, they can be opened in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Acrobat. If you do not work with these applications, contact us and we can send you a version for your software.

Here are some tips for making your artwork submission go smoothly:

  • Create artwork at 300 dpi
  • Do not knock out center hub (leave that clean center edge to us)
  • Your image size should be 4.75" x 4.75" (square)
  • Allow for bleed over the edges (leave that clean outer edge to us)
  • Do not place critical infomation too close to outside edges or disc hub areas
  • Artwork files should be saved as a .psd, hi-res PDF, .eps, .ai or .tif
  • Leave layers in the artwork separated - DO NOT "flatten" the file (So we can remove template from your artwork. If isn't saved in layers we cannot remove it.)
  • Please note that .jpg files do not support layers and cannot have the template removed once it has been saved with the template present. If you must send us a .jpg file please make sure the template layer has been removed before saving and submitting it. In general please note that .jpg files are not the best format for us to work with.
  • Please rasterize type layers - accurate font substitution is not always possible and can cause layout changes.

Permission for Intellectual Property

The link above takes you to a website with lots of good information about obtaining permission to use copyrighted music, movies, images, and literature.

Intellectual Property Rights Form  (218 kb)

Disc Art Templates

On Disk Digital Print Template
Verbatim Vinyl CD

Packaging Templates

120mm Hub Printable
Jewel Case Insert.pdf
File Size: 287KB
Hub Printable Business Card
Slim DVD Box Insert.pdf
File Size: 295KB
DVD Box Booklet
Bluray Case Template
Bluray/GIGABox Insert
File Size: 257KB
CD/DVD 5x5 Sleeve.pdf
File Size: 658KB
80mm Standard
CD Digipak.pdf
File Size: 1.0MB
CD Sleeve Print
DVD Digipak.pdf
File Size: 1.1MB
CD Sleeve Print
4 Panel Wallet.pdf
File Size: 2.1MB
Jewel Case Insert
6 Panel Digipak.pdf
File Size: 1.1MB
Tray Card Insert

If you have questions or need help with any of the templates or downloads on this page, please email or call us at 1-800-944-4237, we're happy to help you prepare your materials to ensure the best possible results.

Click here to request our Duplication Catalog.

Templates & Downloads Updated!