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Taiyo Yuden/JVC 8x 4.7GB DVD+R Silver Inkjet Printable (100pk)

Taiyo Yuden/JVC 8x 4.7GB DVD+R Silver Inkjet Printable (100pk)Click to Enlarge

Code: JVC13612
UPC: 899207001183
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Note to Consumer: Your Taiyo Yuden DVDs & CDs may look different!

Taiyo Yuden is in the process of moving most of their part numbers to JVC part numbers. Last year Taiyo Yuden purchased JVC's media group and became one, taking advantage of JVC's royalty deals on blank discs. Part of this cost-saving agreement was to change the marketing name of Taiyo to JVC, so they could take advantage of the JVC's more broadly known name. As Taiyo Yuden marked inventory gets sold all Taiyo product will come with the JVC marking. The base product is exactly the same and up to the same quality standards as the Taiyo Yuden. Read more about the TY/JVC change here. Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

Taiyo Yuden 8x 4.7GB DVD+R Silver Inkjet (100)

This disc has been designed with a silver inkjet printable top surface and a blue/green (cyanine) recording surface. Discs using Cyanine dye are reliable in a wide range of recorders and laser powers and at a range of writing speeds. It offers greater playback compatibility at a wider range of speeds. These Silver Inkjet DVD+Rs have a maximum recording speed of 8x and can be sucessfully used with Rimage, Microboards, and Primera inket disc printers and publishers. This DVD is not hub printable. Packaged in 100 pc cake box/spindles, and in master cartons of 600 pieces, this product is will not work with Rimage Everest thermal re-transfer technology and it is not recommended for screen printing.

About Taiyo Yuden
We think the Taiyo Yuden brand offers the best combination of quality and price available in a blank disc today. Here’s a few things you need to know about Taiyo product:

Taiyo Yuden made the first CD-R disc. They worked with Sony & Phillips as one of Japan’s largest chemical companies to make the dye which would store the data on the CD-R. Each disc is still made in Japan, in fact they are the only company in Japan that still makes CD-R, so if you see a “Made in Japan” on any CD-R disc, be it an Sony, Fuji or Imation, you know its made by Taiyo Yuden.

Taiyo Fake or Real?

There have been reports of companies selling their inferior media with Taiyo Yuden labels. If you're wondering if you have authentic Taiyo Yuden, check out our Taiyo Yuden Page. Media Supply is an authorized Taiyo Yuden Dealer. Our Taiyo Yuden Media is the real deal.

Media Supply Part Number: JVC13612
Old Media Supply Part Number: TYDD5PSP8
Manufacturer Part Number:DVD+R47SPY100SB
UPC: 899207001183