Spartan USB Flash Drive 15-Slot Duplicator

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Spartan USB Flash Drive 15-Slot Duplicator

  • Standalone turnkey system; no computer required.
  • No warm-up and cool-down
  • User friendly interface and simple operation
  • Real-time display of detailed information on bright LCD screen
  • Support all file formats, file size, and drive capacity.
  • Support Synchronous and Asynchronous copy modes
  • High speed copy up to 10MB/sec
  • Real time copy and compare technology to ensure successful and complete copies.
As the popularity of usb flash drives grows, USB flash drive duplicators are becoming a necessity to allow the loading of usb drives quickly and with convenience.

With advanced, asynchronous duplication there is no waiting and no interruption as each channel can independently load, unload, and copy. The Spartan USB Duplicator with 15 Target "bays" is Ily's mid level unit, designed for loading larger quantities of USB drives in a flash!

The new Spartan USB Duplicators also feature user friendly 4-key control with LCD, high speed duplication and bit-by-bit Compare function to confirm successful copies. Reliable, affordable, and convenient, the Spartan USB Duplicators are the recommended choice.Specifications: Download PDF (108 KB)

Operating Type Stand-alone (No PC Required)
Number of Targets 15
Supported Media USB Drive (USB Model)
Transfer Speed Up to 600 MB/min
System Memory 256MB
Copy Mode Synchronous or Asynchronous
LCD Display 2 x 16 Backlit
Power Requirements 115V or 230V
Operating Temperature 41F ~ 122F
Operating Humidity 15% ~ 90%
Regulations FCC, CE

Specifications: Download PDF (108 KB)