VideoWrite for Microboards Publishers

Microboards VideoWrite DVD Anti Rip Copy Protection

What is your DVD-Video worth? Microboards VideoWrite will help you protect it. It works with most Microboards publishers, including the MX-2, MX-1, CX-1, and GX-2 disc publishers.

Producing DVDs without copy protection is an open invitation to piracy. You lose revenue from DVDs when they are pirated plus your creative work and ideas are being freely used by others. You lock your car - why wouldn’t you lock your content? VideoWrite, a differentiator in equipment sales, is a new easy-to-use and highly secure method for applying copy protection to DVD Videos produced on Microboards disc publishers running PrintWrite version 1.30 or higher. VideoWrite wraps the video on the DVD in a protective file that doesn’t interfere with playback but prevents common ripping software programs from accessing the video. It is available from Media Supply on a per-use basis using a USB key.
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