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Welcome to Media Supply!

Media Supply has become the most reliable source for DVDs, CDs and Blu ray discs in the Eastern US, as well as related equipment and services. We've been providing disc manufacturing, optical media, publishing systems and corporate promotion solutions for over 25 years. While our product offerings and experience by themselves set us apart from the competition, superior customer service is Media Supply's signature attribute. We help our customers find solutions every day, and they can count on our expert staff to lead them to a cost effective, efficient solution.

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Can a few paragraphs summarize our 25 years of customer service and satisfied customers? No way, but we can tell you that we specialize in premium optical media, the highest quality disc publishing systems & quick-turn DVD, CD and Blu ray manufacturing. Take a look at the services we offer. We're ready to help you look good.

We've built our client base by helping each customer grow. Some of our largest clients started with us just buying a single spindle of blank discs, and we've been able to support their growth. We're looking forward to helping you too.

What we sell:

Media Supply sells premium recording products. Most consumers don't know the difference between a premium recordable DVD compared to a DVD you would buy at Staples or OfficeMax, but our discs are built to deliver exceptional performance in burning and playback, while their discs are built to deliver the lowest possible cost and highest profits. The products we sell will record for you with the lowest amount of failures, and play back in the most disc drives and PCs. That's the difference. The product we sell costs a little more, but it's worth it when you consider the time wasted replacing bad discs and packages in the field.

Blank Discs

We only sell blank discs that will work. You won't run into a bad spindle or a lousy print surface. Whether you buy a 50 pack or a pallet of 33,000, you won't see any inconsistencies. We only offer products made by premium manufacturers like Taiyo Yuden/JVC, MAM-A & Verbatim. All the print surfaces on these products have been optimized for inkjet, thermal and screen printers. We offer archival grade product that has shelf lives of 100 years for DVDs and 300 years for CDs.

Duplication Services

Our specialty at Media Supply is Quick Turn DVD, CD & USB copying services. With our in-house systems, we can quickly turn jobs of up to 500 DVDs or CDs the same day. Our color disc printers feature an offset quality print that is permanent and durable. Our USB services include quick turn on small jobs, as well as fast reloading services.

Duplication Equipment

Media Supply offers expert sales, service and pricing on DVD, CD, Blu ray & USB Publishing equipment. Our staff has been trained by Rimage, Microboards, Primera and others on how to best apply a particular machine to your situation. Our strength is being able to point you towards the most productive and cost effective solution. Media Supply is a Rimage ASV VAR, an Authorized Primera XR reseller and a Authorized Microboards reseller.

Contact Media Supply:

Media Supply, Inc.
611 Jeffers Circle
Exton, PA 19341

Toll Free: 800-944-4237
Phone: 610-884-4400
Fax: 610-884-4500

Email: Info@mediasupply.com

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About Us