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Automated Duplicators

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Automated DVD Copiers and Disc Publishers from Media Supply

Choosing an automated DVD duplicators can be very rewarding or very frustrating experience. There are so many companies selling systems and so many companies making them, you can easily make a mistake. Media Supply’s in-house duplication experts can direct you to the right solution for you to meet your budget and your production requirements.

Media Supply is one of Rimage’s top resellers, a function of our belief that these units are the best combination of dependability, performance and software functionality. Rimage systems are the solution for many markets including Medical, Law Enforcement, Financial, major photo disc production and retail disc publishing installation. They run all day and all night, and the Rimage software easily integrates with your webserver or any in-house application that drives your business. Choose between the Rimage Allegro, Catalyst and Producer series, which are all perfect for the professional office looking to have a DVD publisher for multiple users in their business.

Media Supply carries the Epson line of Discproducers. This high quality product features a well designed mechanism and the lowest inkjet printing prices available today. The Discproducer is available in a DVD/CD version, a network version and a security version.

Media Supply also carries the complete Primera Bravo line, from the entry level Bravo SE, to the powerful Bravo XRP. Primera’s line of copiers are great entry level systems, perfect for the office user who wants to step up from making discs one by one on their desk top PC. The XRP line offers beefier software and more durable casing for the copier.

The Microboards line of automated DVD copiers consists of the HCL series units which are great continuous-duty systems for copying large numbers of discs, unattended.

Media Supply offers the Acronova line of affordable, compact disc duplicating systems. These copiers have proven to be reliable copiers with excellent factory support, should you ever need it.

The latest addition to our line of Autoloading Disc Duplicators are the Vinpower Digital Disc Autoloaders. Choose between the MiniLoader VDX-1 for smaller jobs to The Cube series for small to medium size jobs or for copying a large number of discs completely unattended, the Titan Supreme would be your solution.

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