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Manual DVD Duplication Tower Copiers

Media Supply offers a quality line of manual DVD duplication towers, delivering high performance and large capacity with the latest industry standard drives. DVD Towers for copying DVDs are the secret weapon of fulfillment houses looking to copy many discs in a short period of time. While high priced automated systems offer reliable operation and integrated printing, you can actually produce discs faster by separating out duplication from print. With automated systems, there's always time when the loader mechanism is waiting for a printer or drive to complete its job.

Media Supply has our own line of DVD duplicating towers called OmniTowers. Media Supply developed the OmniTower when the vendor supplying our high end DVD towers went out of business. We found many of our clients still needed a tower with high quality drives, reliable controllers and understandable documentation. Today the OmniTower is the same quality system we first developed years ago, with the industry's best recorders and best support. The newest additions to the line are the Blu ray compatible OmniTowers, great systems for entering into the next-generation in optical media storage.

Media Supply recommends purchasing a tower with a Hard Drive. Recording from a HDD will make for much better copies, as Hard Drives can supply a consistent bandwidth of data for the recorders. When recording disc to disc, any issue with the drive reading the master, or with the master itself, can create a bad copy. Avoid copying disc to disc, if you can. This is particularly important with make Audio/Music (RedBook) discs, as the data is much more complicated.

Media Supply also offers Microboards DVD towers, and Vinpower Digital Sharkcopier CD/DVD Duplicators.

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